5 reasons your breasts can hurt

5 reasons your breasts can hurt:

Sometimes there is suddenly a pulling, a tensioning – or the chest is sensitive to touch. But in most cases, chest pain is nothing to worry about, as the causes are usually harmless. Luckily!

Sometimes they hurt, tense or just hurt: some women suffer more often from chest pain, some less often – and yes: some men too, by the way. What can be the reason for this in individual cases and what can you do about it?

First of all, the all-clear: According to the website “womanshealth.de”, the pain is in the vast majority of cases not a sign of a serious illness, but simply symptoms due to completely natural causes. We explain the five most common ones here …

The two types of chest pain

Women’s health professionals divide chest pain into two principal categories. Most are associated with hormonal fluctuations and can occur during menstruation, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. But other, mechanical causes are also possible. If pain occurs depending on the cycle, doctors speak of mastodynia, in the other case of mastalgia.

1st reason: the period

Before and during the period there are changes in the female hormone balance. More progesterone is released while the estrogen level drops. The lack of estrogen can cause “withdrawal” symptoms, including headache, back pain, and chest pain. These symptoms are also summarized under the term premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

In some women, these pains not only appear just before their period and during the first few days but last until the end of their menstrual period. One of the things that can help here is taking monk’s pepper. It keeps the estrogen level constant.

2nd reason: Excessive workout

Here we are literally dealing with sore muscles. This pain can occur after extensive exercise, especially after push-ups and working with weights. In these cases, it is not the chest itself that hurts, but the muscles underneath. The intensity of the pain in turn depends on the intensity of the training. This can be remedied with a cold or heat treatment, for example by applying wet towels.

3rd reason: The wrong bra

If the bra is too tight or just doesn’t fit (anymore), it presses on the breasts – for hours every day. This strain inevitably causes pressure points and pain. The same goes for sports bras that do not provide adequate breast tissue support during workouts. It is therefore all the more important to always ensure the right fit. Nothing should pinch or squeeze, and the breast shouldn’t jump out of the basket when jumping up and down. Bras can also be individually adjusted in good specialist shops – and that is sometimes worthwhile.

4th reason: changes in breast tissue

Some women may experience so-called fibrocystic changes in the breast tissue. In medicine, this is called mastopathy. That sounds scary at first, but it is largely harmless. These are benign cysts or sometimes fluid-filled collections in the tissue. The cysts can become tender and painful, especially during your period. In most cases, there is no cause for concern, but the situation should be clarified by a doctor.

5th reason: consumption of coffee or chocolate

That sounds really strange, but it can occur – due to the fibrocystic changes already described. The bulges are sometimes stimulated by caffeine, which can also be found in many chocolates and can then swell. This leads to tension and pain.

Conclusion: don’t panic!

Chest pain is therefore harmless in the vast majority of cases and has causes that can be avoided. Severe chest pain is also very rarely a sign of breast cancer. After all, the tricky thing about breast cancer is that – at least in the early stages – it doesn’t hurt at all. Anyone who has chest pain should still consult a doctor, especially if the causes listed can be ruled out.