8 wicked diet tricks that actually work

8 wicked diet tricks that actually work:

Conscious nutrition and exercise are of course essential for a successful diet. With these diet tricks, you can also lose some weight and save calories. Some things might sound a little crazy, but it really works – try it for yourself!

1. Drink a large glass of water before you eat

The water fills the stomach and reduces the feeling of hunger. This is how you eat less of the main meal later. This is the easiest and most effective weight loss trick.

It is best to drink half a liter of still water 30 minutes before a meal. This way you are more full and automatically consume fewer calories.

2. Eat soup as a starter

Another great way to lose weight in everyday life is to spoon a low-calorie soup as a starter. The soup satisfies the first hunger so that even a smaller portion of the main course makes you full and satisfied.

On hot days, you can simply choose the cold version here, which is a very easy way to save a few calories.

3. Smell the food

It is scientifically proven that we eat less when the food has an intense smell. So smell your food consciously and try to identify the individual aromas. In addition, the smell of banana, green apple, and peppermint are said to inhibit appetite.

Obtain aromatic oils and breathe them in through your nose. The smells are supposed to help curb cravings. A great way to combat food cravings is to brush your teeth. The mint aroma of the toothpaste, like fresh peppermint and mint oil, inhibits the appetite.

4. Eat high contrasts

Scientific studies show that color contrasts reduce hunger. For example, it is better to serve spinach on a white plate than on a green plate. Basically: The color red inhibits hunger.

Scientists at the University of Mannheim have found that people eat less when the dishes are served on red dishes: The study participants ate significantly more from white and blue plates than from red ones. So keep in mind the next time you buy dishes: red dishes help you lose weight!

5. Serve meals on small plates

It’s scientifically proven that you eat more when you have a large portion in front of you. Nutritionists from the USA served soup to two groups of test subjects for their study. A test group received a perfectly normal bowl of soup. The other group was served an “enchanted” plate that kept filling itself through a hole in the bottom of the plate and thus never became empty.

The group of subjects with the enchanted plates ate on average 73 percent more soup than the group with the ordinary plates. The study confirms that humans do not listen to their bodies and feelings of satiety.

We orientate ourselves on visual information If the plate is still full, our brain receives the signal that we cannot possibly be full.

6. Distract yourself

Nothing is more annoying than thinking about food all the time while dieting. You imagine what you would like to eat, but are unfortunately not allowed to. This lowers the mood and makes losing weight even more difficult. Try to distract yourself from the food.

Do sport or take a leisurely stroll in the fresh air. Register for VHS courses or go to the museum again. If you are active and doing things that make you content and happy, you are guaranteed not to waste a second worrying about food.

7. Enjoy consciously

Far too often we eat quickly on the way or bite into our buns on the subway. We are not even aware of what and how much we are eating. It’s important to take time to eat and not get distracted. We perceive the taste of the prepared food more intensely.

Sit at the table and enjoy every bite of your meal. The cell phone, the newspaper, or the television have no place in eating.

Chew each bite slowly and as often as possible. This increases the time you eat and gives you the feeling that you have eaten more. Only after 20 minutes does the body release messenger substances that signal our brain that we are full. If we eat our food quickly, we have eaten more than our body actually needs after a short time.

8. Brush your teeth after eating

Often we still feel like something sweet after eating. Brush your teeth more often or suckle on a sugar-free peppermint.

By brushing your teeth, you are signaling to your brain that the meal is ready and there will be no more dessert. The feeling of hunger is reduced and the need for food disappears.