WhatsApp comes with new Animated Sticker Pack, Wallpaper Dimming feature also shown

WhatsApp comes with a new Animated Sticker Pack, Wallpaper Dimming feature also shown:

WhatsApp continues to release new features for its users. The latest report revealed that a new sticker pack has been seen in the Android beta app. In addition, some changes have also been made in the wallpapers. There are reports that the WhatsApp app is working on a feature that has a separate wallpaper for each chat. This feature will be named WhatsApp Dimming.

WABetaInfo spotted the new sticker pack in WhatsApp’s latest beta Android version This sticker pack has been added to the default sticker list given in the app. The new sticker pack is named Usagyuuun and is created by a company named Quan Inc. This is an animated sticker pack. Earlier, the animated sticker pack feature was seen in the beta app. This pack has white color cartoons that come with feelings like joy, anxiety, sadness, love, etc.

The size of the sticker pack is listed at 3.5 MB. The sticker pack is currently enabled in the latest beta pack and we were able to use it.

In addition, the report says that WhatsApp beta Android has a new wallpaper dimming feature. This user changes the color tone according to the preference. It will be added to the new wallpaper section in the coming days, the work is currently in progress. WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot showing the ‘Wallpaper Dimming’ toggle can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

Swiping the toggle to the left or right will change the color of the wallpaper. The user will be able to change the color at the convenience of his eyes. WABetaInfo says the feature is still in progress and will be available with future updates.