YouTube will now also be able to create funny videos like TikTok

YouTube will now also be able to create funny videos like TikTok:

Ever since TikTok has been banned in India, there have been many companies preparing to launch a new app with the feature of this popular Chinese app. Some have also launched it. Instagram created Reels and now Google-owned video streaming platform YouTube has announced the launch of a service like TikTok. In YouTube shorts, the user will have the facility to edit clips of 15 seconds or less with different editing options.

What did YouTube say?

YouTube said in a blog post that it is preparing a new short-term video experience ‘ shorts ‘. This will enable short video sharing of 15 seconds or less. During the next few days we are introducing the initial beta version of shorts, the post says. Some ‘ tools ‘ for making videos for its testing will also be provided. In the initial beta phase, shorts will give your user a ‘ multi-segment camera ‘ in which more than one video clip can be put together. This app will also have a music library with which users can record their videos.

Icon of YouTube shorts in the center of the homepage

The company is adding icons to create YouTube shorts in the center of the app’s homepage. This icon has just been rolled out to Android users in the country and is expected to be made available to iOS users soon as well. The 15-second video-making and sharing platform will be launched for Indian users first. Thereafter, it will be introduced in other countries. “According to your feedback, we will continue to add more features and expand to more countries in the coming months,” the company said.

Ban on China’s 59 apps on June 29

Let us say that the central government had banned China’s 59 apps on June 29, citing national security. It also includes the popular short video platform TikTok. Since then, a number of apps developed in the country such as Roposo, Spark, Josh (Dailyhunt), and Moz (Sharechat) have been introduced. Facebook’s Instagram has also offered ‘reels’ in its app itself to take advantage of the growing demand for such platforms.